"I have been working with Austin Sleep Solutions since 2017 and it is my absolute pleasure to recommend them for your office. Not only are their sleep coordinators that they place in the office extremely professional, but they are also incredibly knowledgeable about sleep apnea and how to treat it. Austin Sleep Solutions definitely takes great care and time in choosing the perfect employee. Our patients are happier, healthier, and TREATING their sleep apnea! It is one thing to get sleep apnea diagnosed-anyone can do that. It is the follow up care that Austin Sleep Solutions provides that makes all the difference to my patients.

In addition, we have increased our revenue exponentially since bringing them on board into our office. By screening every patient, we are able to keep tabs on who is at risk-and who needs to treat their apnea now.

We really like how they were able to tailor their program to our needs and wants, and never thought twice about it."

Dustin Fontenot, MMS, PA-C


I have been working with Austin Sleep Solutions since 2017 and I am more than happy to recommend them for your office(s). Deciding to change my practice to offer Home Sleep Tests not only gave my patients an easier option for getting a diagnosis, but also a more streamlined approach for treating them as well. Austin Sleep Solutions has built great relationships with local doctors for treatment that always follow up with my patients, and regularly update me on their progress. 

The billing has been quite easy, with reimbursements coming in a timely manner. Austin Sleep Solutions has made this a very seamless process for my office staff and my patients. I also appreciate that there were no up-front costs associated with me starting this program.

I think it's also important to note that the Sleep Coordinator they place in the office is very educated in Obstructive Sleep Apnea treatments and follow up. They are friendly with the staff and fit right in.

Dr. Mark T. Brown, MD, FACS


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